9 Incredible Sledding Tubes

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Do you love to go down the sledding hill FAST and with STYLE? Then a sledding tube for snow is what you NEED! Gone are the days of your car inner tube on the sledding hill, being replaced by sledding tubes with slick bottoms, stylish designs and of course, lots of speed potential.  

More and more people are finding the thrill of snow sled tubing. If you haven’t discovered it yet, then you may be wondering what all the rage is about?

kids snow tubing

Benefits of Snow Sledding Tubes Vs Sleds

Snow tubes are large inflatable rings that kids (and adults!) of all ages and sizes can sit in and ride down snowy slopes. These inflatable tubes are like sleds, but their shape and design offer a totally different riding experience. 

When you’re considering a snow tube, there are a few key features that are particularly beneficial compared to more traditional style sleds. 

boy snow tubing
  • Snow tubes are usually super-fast! That’s because they are made from slick plastic that glides over snow with ease, thanks to the round donut shape design.
  • They are incredibly lightweight since they’re volume is mostly just air!
  • Snow tubes can be deflated at between trips to the hill for easy storage.
  • Many have a convenient towline for pulling the tubes to the top of the hill. 
  • Since the rider sits inside the tube, they are easy to hold onto. Lots of tubes have handles to hold onto, which makes these very easy and comfortable to ride. 
  • In general, snow tubes are more stable than other sled types and they are less likely to tip over, even at moderate speeds.

Features To Consider When Buying A Snow Tube

If you’ve never tried snow tubing before, you may have a few questions on selecting the right one. Since snow tubing has become increasingly popular, different companies have come out with their own styles of snow tubes. There are now tons of great options out there, so you’ll be able to find the one that is perfect for you!

kids snow tubing

When you’re looking for the best snow tubes, consider the following features:

Snow Tube Size

The snow tube size should be proportional to the person who will be riding it. A children’s snow tube will be much smaller than one designed for teens or adults. This is especially important since the rider must sit in the hole of the tube without falling through to the bottom. Kids will be more comfortable, safer, and in general enjoy the ride more if the tube is the right size for them. 

When choosing the tube size, also consider the number of people who will ride at once. If there’s more than one person riding the tube together, then a larger tube would be a good idea. This is true even if one person is an adult and one is a smaller child. Riding together can be a great way for everyone to participate – even the little ones!

kids snow tubing on a sledding hill

Snow Tube Materials

The most durable snow tube material is rubber. Tubes made from rubber are puncture resistant, weather resistant, can handle the cold, and will last for many seasons. Some tubes are made from vinyl or PVC. These materials are not as durable as rubber, but can make great tubes, nonetheless. You might notice fewer seasons of use, or more damage, when compared to rubber tubes. Another option, which will help ensure years of use, is to buy fabric snow tubes, which have a strong fabric covering that increase the tube’s overall durability. 

Sledding Tube Weight Capacity

Choosing the right weight capacity is important, especially if you’re tubing down bumpy slopes. To ensure you have enough weight bearing capacity, select a tube that is specified as carrying more weight than is needed. This goes for both kids snow tubes and snow tubes for adults. The bonus is the tubes will be able to be used for several seasons, even if your kids are growing. Another benefit to choosing a higher weight capacity is the assurance that it will bear the extra pressure caused by running down bumpy slopes. The jumps and bumps will momentarily increase the weight that the tube is bearing. Sizing up in weight will ensure the tube lasts without. 

family with kids snow tubing

Considering Snow Tube Inflation Valve

This is the most important, and most overlooked, tip for selecting the right snow tube: choose an inflation valve that can be blown up with an air pump! Otherwise, you may be stuck at the top of the hill for a very long time as you manually blow up the tube. Save yourself the struggle and choose a tube that at least gives you the option. It takes a lot of air to fill a tube, so avoid getting lightheaded at the start!

Another thing to consider is choosing a tube with a low-profile valve. This will help ensure longevity since it will be less likely to break while sledding down. A flat valve can also help provide a smoother ride on the way down. 

Best Heavy Duty Snow Tubes for Sledding

Our goal is to help you find the best sledding tubes for your winter adventures. Whether you’re looking for a sledding tube for one person or your getting tubes for an entire family, we’ve put together a list of the best and most popular sledding tubes we’ve seen! These sleds here are all heavy duty sleds that you can anticipate lasting for several years. All of these heavy duty tubing sleds have a cover to protect them from punctures and increase the snow tube lifespan.

kids snow tubing on sledding hill magic carpet
Some tubing hills have a surface lift to help you get back to the top

Fastest and Most Durable Snow Tube For Sledding
Flexible Flyer Heavy-Duty Commercial Snow Tube 42″

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE snow tube for this winter, then look no further. These are the BEST snow tubes available. It was originally designed for commercial use at tubing parks, it has the durability you need for many years of amazing outdoor winter memories! These plastic snow tubes have a hard-shell polyethylene base that prevents punctures and helps them go super fast, plus a thick inner tube that’s topped with an ultra-strong nylon top.

These will withstand it all and are the best inner tube sleds! Your family can hang on for the ride using the soft and east-to-hold handles. And you’ll be able to tow the tube up the hill with ease using the tow line attached. These are fast, durable, and overall great kids snow tubes! The only downside to these is that they don’t fold up as small because of the hard bottom.

Bradly Heavy Duty Snow Tube 50″

No one will get left out on the slopes with this snow tube! The tube if one of the largest on the market at 57” deflated, and a whopping 50” inflated. This ride is all about getting the whole family in on the fun! There is a quick inflation/deflation valve so you can get on the hill fast. Plus, these are fabric snow tubes, which will help them last longer. On the fabric cover, there are hand straps for downhill and a tow line from pulling to the top of the hill.  

Best Value Snow Tube + Cover
Sportsstuff Sno-Nut Inflatable Snow Tube 48″

Super durable and super-fast snow tubes with a fabric cover! This is a great option for both adults and kids to enjoy endless fun ripping down slopes. There are handles and a towline for all-day comfort up and down the hill. These are the best sledding tubes that boast a patented Speed Safety Valve for ultra-fast inflation and deflation. No wasting time getting on the hill!

kids snow tubing at woodward

Top Medium Duty Snow Tubes For Sledding

These snow tubes are the middle of the road when it comes to both quality and duarability. While they have a few great features, they’re still just made of PVC with no outer cover to help protect the tube from punctures.

47″ Inflatable Snow Tube by Walmart

Planning a winter getaway this year? Make sure you pack this portable snow tube for sledding with kids! This tube can hold both kids and parents, and the family can even ride together. The tube is made from durable materials and is specially treated to be ready for the cold weather. Make sure you start blowing up the tube before you get to the hill, though. The valve is designed for manual inflation only. But this deflates and compacts small enough for transport, plus it’s budget friendly!

Franklin Sports Arctic Trails Double Snow Tube 57″

This is a super fun double-seater snow tube that will bring the whole family together this winter! These tubes aren’t the most durable on the market, but they do guarantee tons of fun! The tube looks like two single donut style tubes combined like a figure-eight. There are four handles, two for each rider. This tube is made for kids to enjoy together. This is the best double tube that we’ve seen, though considering that it is a medium duty snow sledding tube, the longevity could vary.

kids snow tubing

Coolest Character Snow Tubes For Sledding – Lightweight

Lightweight character snow tubes are often not very durable, but luckily, they don’t cost much either so it balances out. These are the kind of snow tubes that you get if you’re focused on looking cool on the sledding hill with your character snow tube.

Cool Unicorn Sledding Tube 

These kids snow tubes can hold tons of weight! Load up the ride with all the kids and enjoy the endless hours of fun. The tube is puncture resistant and has a slick bottom that will speed down hills. The valve is for manual inflation only, so be sure to fill the tube before heading to the hill. Make sure you get a good grip on the handles because you’ll be having a blast ripping down the hills! 

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube 44″

You can look flashy down the hills in one of these fun party-vibe characters! You can choose between vibrant rainbow unicorns, snow-ready flamingos, or classic winter penguins, and so many more fun characters to ride! This tube is not as durable as other tubes, but they’re sure to bring a great energy to the hill. You’ll warm up from the winter chill while you’re laughing all day long on these funky snow tubes! These characters are super fun, even as snow tubes for adults!

Inflatable Dinosaur Snow Tube

Any dinosaur lovers out there? If so, they will be so excited to ride the snowy hills in this super fun snow tube! The snow tube is shaped and coloured like a dinosaur – with incredible detailing! Kids will remain sturdy in the seat using the handles on the sides, and they can even rest or grip onto the neck or tail of the dinosaur for a comfortable ride. While this isn’t as durable as traditional snow tubes, the double layer bottom helps prevent punctures or tears for longer lasting enjoyment. 

SNOWCANDY Animal Inflatable Snow Sled 37″

Embrace the winter wonderland sledding with kids on these inflatable snow tubes. You can choose between a penguin or polar bear to speed down the winter hill this season. The sled is longer than your typical round sleds, which lets kids recline and get as comfortable and stable as possible. These are the best sledding tubes for kids looking to be a little silly.

How Much Money Does A Sledding Snow Tube Cost?

Sledding tubes can be really affordable for lower quality with prices starting in the $30 range. For a stronger snow tube that will last for years, plan on paying over $100 per snow tube.

How Do I Store My Snow Tube?

One of the biggest benefits of snow sledding tubes is that they’re easy to store. When you’re done tubing, dry the tube completely and then deflate and roll up the tube. If you’re planning to use the sledding tube again in a few days, it’s fine to keep it inflated, but don’t plan on leaving a snow tube blown up all season or it will shorten it’s lifespan.

Are Snow Tubes Safe?

The biggest problem with snow tubes is that there isn’t a great way to steer or control the tube, or even to slow it down. Even full grown adults will have a difficult time slowing down a snow tube with their feet dragging behind. We’ve found that if you want to use a snow tube, the safest place is at a designated tubing hill where tubers are separated by berms to separate them and with a slow down area at the bottom of the hill to help control speed.

Should I Wear A Helmet While Snow Tube Sledding?

Absolutely, YES! Snow tubes give riders much less control or ability to stop AND they go much faster than many other types of sleds. Because of those things, they are much more dangerous that traditional sleds, so a helmet should always be worn on a snow tube.

snow tubing with a helmet on

Can Little Kids Use Snow Tubes?

Most doctors will advise against snow tube use for young kids. Young kids often can’t hold onto snow tubes well and will have no way to stop a snow tube if it gets going too fast. Additionally, since kids sit inside of a snow tube, they also can’t roll out of the tube if they are uncomfortable with the speeds or see an object ahead of them that they need to avoid.

What’s the difference between sledding snow tubes and sleds?

Snow tubes have evolved from the long-held traditions of sledding. But what’s better for you – a traditional sled or a snow tube? That depends on your sledding conditions, as well as your personal preference.

Sleds and snow tubes operate under the same basic principles. Someone mounts their ride at the top of a snow-covered slope and then pushes over the edge and lets gravity do the rest. On hills with a steeper pitch and long run, riders will enjoy a speedy trip down the slope for tons of fun! As the ride cruises down the hill, it’ll eventually slow down at the bottom as the pitch flattens out. 

Snow tubes are unique because of their shape. They look a lot like a donut! A snow tube is a round and inflatable tube with a hole in the middle to sit in. They’re made from highly durable rubber that is puncture resistant and can withstand cold conditions. The most durable snow sledding tubes have fabric covers and slick bottoms, with others are more basic.

To ride a snow tube, the rider sits in the hole of the tube with their legs over one side and their backs on the other. It’s a lot like sitting on a reclined chair. There’s typically not a designated front or back, but riders should be looking to the bottom of the hill when they push off from the top. On the way down, snow tubes can handle a winding path with some bumps and jumps along the way. The ride might even spin on the way down. Snow tubing is a great adventure and offers tons of winter fun!

On the other hand, sleds are typically in the shape of a long rectangle. They typically go straight down the mountain and can offer a pretty bumpy ride.

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